Way More Than Just A DJ

So this past weekend, I was DJ’in at another beautiful wedding and it dawned on me that DJ is way more than just playing music and helping keep guests informed its way more. During this wedding I found myself not only providing music throughout the entire evening, announcing the first dance and other activities throughout the evening. But I was also asked if  I knew how to tap a keg (I’ll plead the fifth on how I learned this ;-), so I kindly helped get the beer flowing. Then later on in the evening, a guess asked if I could turn the fans down, as they were cold and napkins were blowing all over the place and I kindly assisted in getting the air flow and got a round of applause from their table once I was successful. Finally, later in the evening, I found myself moving tables and clearing a space for dancing to take place.

Usually, in my car, you can find odd little tools that I have used at a variety of events including a wine opener (yes I have helped open and pour multiple bottles of wine). Jumper cables that come in handy when one of your guests realize they left their interior lights on while enjoying themselves. And a variety of tools that can come in handy in a pitch including a multi-purpose screwdriver.

Although you may only hire us to DJ for your event, we obviously are more than willing to help out with other little tasks that may be overlooked when it comes to planning your event. In the end, its all about a successful evening that goes off flawlessly.

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