Monster Mash 2013

monster_mashSince the 2007 Showbiz Northwest (formally known as Wenatchee Boys Media Production) has been hosting an annual Halloween themed party called “Monster Mash” at the Wenatchee Convention Center. This has been a fun and exciting event for us and those in attendance during the last 5 years, however with that said we will not be continuing the tradition this year. As our company continues to grow and change we are focusing on the services we provide and feel this is not a direction we would like to continue at this time.

We may reconsider in the future, but at this time there will not be Halloween party to the scale of Monster Mash in the Wenatchee Valley. We are proud to say we’ve thrown the biggest party in the valley for the past 5 years with an average attendance of 500-700 each year (this event wouldn’t of been success if it wasn’t for those that attend, the sponsors and the many friends that helped us with this in the past). If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime

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