Online tools to help plan the perfect event!

So as we continue to evolve into the digital word. I am happy to announce a few new features we recently launched that help make your event a smashing success! With the recent launch of our new website there are some exciting features that can help you create a perfect event:

The first feature I’d like to touch on is the ability to plan out much of your event online 24/7. As a Showbiz client you will have instant access to important planning forms, timelines and music lists.

Next we just released a Facebook app that allows you as the event host to collect requests for your upcoming event via Facebook! You can also share to all your friends or invite specific friends to help you pick out the perfect mix of music for your upcoming event.

Lastly we now have instant communication with an instant chat so if your undecided about entertainment for your event and have questions or if your planning your event and have questions, an event specialist is here to help assist you (hours may vary and if were offline send us an email and we will respond in a timely manner). We are also testing out the capability of video chatting; which allows you access to us without having to deal with hectic schedules, traffic or if your planning a destination event.

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